On Turning Pro

Today is the last day of the Digital Book Club over at talk.desk.pm. We are reading Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. We finished reading the book yesterday, and today is a day of reflection on the book.

Steven laid out nicely the traits of an amateur and a professional, and what can be expected while living a life characterized as one or the other. Likely, these themes are familiar to anyone who has sought to improve themselves. It is all too easy, however, to continue as an amateur addicted to the distractions of self-improvement. Steven cuts through the bullshit in a direct and forthright manner.

Do the work. 
Battle the Resistance. 
Practice your art. 
Develop your discipline.

I have spent far too long in the distractions of self-improvement. And, far too long seeking a guru to guide me. It is time to do the work.

My true calling yet eludes me. But as the muse comes to the those who do their work, I expect, that as I do my present work, my calling will become apparent.