Turning Pro

Today is day 6 of 10 for the Digital Book Club over at talk.desk.pm. We are reading Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.

In today’s reading Steven discusses the decision to turn pro and the changes that occur.

Each day, the professional understands, he will wake up facing the same demons, the same Resistance, the same self-sabotage, the same tendencies to shadow activities and amateurism that he has always faced.

The difference is that now he will not yield to those temptations.

He will have mastered them , and he will continue to master them.

What is the catalyst for such a change? Steven provides two great examples from friends of his, but ultimately it will be different for each person.

Can we turn pro without such a radical and immediate shift? Steven says:

Turning pro is like Pearl Harbor or 911 or the assassination of President Kennedy. We never forget where we were when it happened.

Or for some of us, can it be a gradual change? A series of small decisions, changes that result in turning pro?