I'm Matthew and I like transistors

When able, I use a billion or more at a time all arranged nicely on a single piece of silicon. Sometimes they are programmable1 and sometimes they are application specific2. Most often I use them to convey messages via electromagnetic fields3. But, sometimes its fun just to make something blink4.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical/Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara in 1990.

Engineering Specialties

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. . . the life which is unexamined is not worth living . . .
- Socrates

My 48 years provides plenty of material for examination. Years seemingly wasted and opportunity lost have resulted in deep regrets that I will carry until the end. But, I won#39t dwell in the past, rather, I hope to gain wisdom and foresight from my mistakes and strive to do better.

With this blog, I intend to grow through stretching out of my comfort zone and finding a public voice. To contribute to the &#34great&#34 conversation.

You can contact me, or comment on something I&#39ve said on:

Twitter: [@MatthewWishek](https://twitter.com/MatthewWishek)
Google+: +MatthewWishek
Github: mwishek
Email: mwishek at gmail.com

Matthew in an SNJ4



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  1. FPGA